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    The stress and anxiety feels overwhelming 

    You’re so busy taking care of everyone around you there’s no time or energy left for you. Despite this, you struggle with feeling like you aren’t doing enough. You can’t stop looking over your shoulder and thinking the worst case scenario will come true. You feel trapped in negative thinking patterns and it’s exhausting. You’re frustrated that you keep over apologizing and taking responsibility for others actions and feelings. You try to convince yourself that if you just get that job, promotion, relationship etc. things will get better. You’re about to crack but remind yourself you have to keep it together for friends and family. You’re tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop and are ready for things to change.

    Depression keeps showing up uninvited 

    You can’t remember the last time you felt like yourself. You’ve tried to manage things on your own but feel like nothing is helping. There’s this powerlessness that keeps creeping in and this gray cloud hanging over your every move. Your friends say they miss you but you just can’t find the energy to pick up the phone. Your family tries to be supportive but they keep pushing their bad advice onto you. You sometimes feel guilty for avoiding them. You wish they understood what you’re going through but feel like no one can really relate. It seems like life is so much easier for other people, you wonder why you can’t figure it out.

    You want your power back after trauma

    At first you felt nothing. Slowly powerful emotions started to creep in. Suddenly, you started having outbursts and nightmares that you’ve never experienced before. Sometimes you feel disconnected and life seems to go by as if things aren’t real. You no longer feel safe in the world or in your body. You’re unsure how other people are still going on with their lives. Don’t they know how much pain you’re in? Maybe they were there at the beginning but now they’ve gone on to their own problems. You want to feel better but don’t want to feel like a burden. You’re tired of feeling alone. 

    Quality Care to Help You Thrive

    If you’re seeking support for a mental health challenge, or simply because life has been really hard lately, I get it. You might be feeling stuck, unhappy, worried, disconnected, and self-critical. You may have been through a recent trauma or want to work through your past to prevent bringing it into the present. You know you are ready to make a change. Having a quality therapist who can connect with you and empower you through the healing journey is crucial.

    Your Time Is Valuable

    I respect your time and want you to see progress as soon as possible. We accomplish this by:

    • Creating objective and measurable goals at the start of therapy.
    • Using questionnaires and real data to measure progress over time.
    • Requesting feedback on a regular basis to ensure that your needs are being met.
    • Compassionate listening and supportive tools to accomplish the changes you wish to create.
    • Empowering you to be an active participant in our work together. You have the autonomy to decide if you want to continue working together. No contracts or package deals.

    I offer 24/7 online scheduling, in-person sessions and HIPAA secure video therapy sessions to help you access the quality mental health care you desire. You deserve to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create. If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, I’m ready when you are. Contact me today and let’s get to work.

    Meet Liz

    Liz Hughes is a licensed therapist and registered trauma-informed yoga teacher committed to helping women recover from anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms. Liz’s work focuses on targeting ineffective behaviors, habits, and beliefs to support you in accessing relief. Liz uses a collaborative and multi-cultural sensitive approach to help you reach your goals and start enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create.

    What Clients Are Saying

    “Before meeting Liz, I had cycled through several different counselors – I always felt like I was on a rigid treatment plan with no say in the process. Liz created a comfortable, judgement free space from the first session. She has empowered me to take ownership of my healing journey through compassion, research and guidance. I am so happy with the progress I’ve made working with Liz, she is truly dedicated to her craft and her clients.” Client, Age 23

    “I have received counseling from Liz Hughes for five months now and have had nothing short of a positive experience. Some qualities that I love about Liz’s therapy style is her positive approach that is encouraging and empowering. She is great about setting goals and bringing me back to focus.” Client, Age 25

    “I have been meeting with Liz for 10 months. In these months my life has been changed in the most positive and unimaginable way. I’ve been taught so many skills to use. This year has been a truly stressful one (hospitalization, changing jobs and moving homes twice) and with Liz helping me through it, I can now say it is one of my biggest achievements I have overcome. I am a new person thanks to her!” Client, Age 41

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