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  • Therapy for Depression

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    Depression can make it feel like you are constantly trying to run from a storm cloud and makes everyday life feel like a challenge. The people close to you may have pointed out a difference in your behavior but are unsure of how to help. They might suggest things like, “go for a walk” or “visit with your friends” but you know those won’t help for very long. You feel stuck and want things to change. Whether you know exactly why your symptoms of depression started or are experiencing this for the first time and are unsure of the cause, you are not alone. Depression is RUDE and can surface for a multitude of reasons, like biology, environment, or due to a stressful transition or situation. The good news is there are effective ways to treat depression and it is possible to feel like yourself again. 

    Depression commonly presents as:

    • Having no interest in doing things you used to enjoy
    • Bursts of irritability or anger towards the people you love
    • Wanting to sleep all day OR not sleeping at all
    • Crying for seemingly no reason
    • Struggling to eat enough OR not eating at all
    • Avoiding family and friends/isolating
    • Difficulty concentrating at work
    • Increasing feelings of shame, feeling empty or worthless
    • Feeling stuck on thoughts of death or dying
    • Wondering if people would be better off without you

    As a depression specialist, I recognize how uncomfortable feelings of depression are and the impact it has on you and everyone you care about.  By using evidence based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, I can help. It is my mission to help you sort out the factors causing your depression while offering compassion non-judgement, and a trauma-informed approach throughout the journey. 

    I believe each person’s battle with depression is unique and may manifest in several ways. Below are just a few of the concerns related to depression that I have treated:

    • Low self-esteem– Battling with a strong inner critic that won’t seem to go away.
    • Burnout– struggling to set your own boundaries, overworking and not being able to care for yourself.
    • Grief & loss – of a family member,  relationship, loss by suicide, miscarriage,  job, loss of being able-bodied or chronic pain, loss of a pet, etc.
    • Trauma– In response to a single event or complex long term events that were distressing and made you feel powerless.
    • Major life change- An unexpected move, pregnancy, career path. 
    • Existential struggles– Concerns related to aging, feeling unsure of your purpose in life.

    Some common questions I receive in regards to treating anxiety are:

    Can I treat depression through telehealth?

    Yes, I can support anyone in Texas through telehealth for depression and can accommodate in person sessions if you are in Houston, TX. 

    Research suggests telehealth for treating depression is just as effective as in person therapy and helps make therapy more accessible. 

    Do I have to take antidepressants to treat my depression?

    I am happy to discuss your views of medicine as they arise. I think medicine can help in certain situations and is not a magic cure for all issues. While research suggests the best outcomes for those with depression are medicine and talk therapy combined, I believe you are the expert of your life and I will walk alongside you as you discover what works best for you.

    Can I recover from depression?


    I believe recovery from depression symptoms is possible. I use treatments that have been researched and shown to be effective for treating depression such as:

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 

    Dialectical behavior Therapy (DBT) 

    Mindfulness-based Interventions

    Self-Compassion Interventions


    If you are hoping to finally experience relief, I am ready to walk alongside you. Contact me today for a free depression treatment consultation.